Try Not To Cry When Bretman Rock’s BFFs Watch Him Toast His Mom | MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock

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I’m not crying, you’re crying. Watch besties Kieffer and Larry reflect on the most tear-jerking scenes from MTV Following: Bretman Rock.
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Rewatch all of Season 1 of MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock here:
Chance Garrett
Chance Garrett پیش 15 روز
@Gertrudis Gahn yea, been using Flixzone for months myself :D
Gertrudis Gahn
Gertrudis Gahn پیش 15 روز
a trick : you can watch movies on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching loads of movies lately.
Alyssa Macaraeg
Alyssa Macaraeg پیش ماه
Please go for a SEASON 2 !!!! Love Bretman Rock and his family & friends
Jerome Cleetus
Jerome Cleetus پیش ماه
Season 2
Nikita-Lee پیش ماه
katy Corangues
katy Corangues پیش 19 روز
Larry I saw you in a video Victor Manuel y La India 1:02
The Official
The Official پیش 21 روز
Sabi na pilipino si Bretman
Lisa Gee
Lisa Gee پیش 23 روز
Shout out the the Immigrant parents my mom raised us three but us thru private school and gave us too much. She’s a beast!
Nenad Birovljevic
Nenad Birovljevic پیش 24 روز
mtv please make a teen wolf season 7 please
Shelyn S
Shelyn S پیش 26 روز
That conversation with princess and Bret about their dad got me. 😭🥰❤
Marcy Navarro
Marcy Navarro پیش 26 روز
Ms. K is the best, please don't sleep on that.
Maxine Maxey
Maxine Maxey پیش 29 روز
"Larry, can you tell us about your outfit inspiration?" "I was an eggplant from Mars" 🤣
Destiny Harper
Destiny Harper پیش 29 روز
In my culture if someone in your dreams tell you to “ come” “let’s go” don’t go with them because they’re trying to take your soul
Dillxn Fxxdy728
Dillxn Fxxdy728 پیش ماه
If I don’t get a season two there will be problems Miss MTV
Jay A
Jay A پیش ماه
Peter is the most chill and not a problematic person he seems really outgoing
Caffaro Victoria
Caffaro Victoria پیش ماه
Caffaro Victoria
Caffaro Victoria پیش ماه
Crunchy Pochi
Crunchy Pochi پیش ماه
11:46 lol my fave part 🤣😅
John Paul Eugenio
John Paul Eugenio پیش ماه
"its okay not to fit in, watch me stand out" - MISS K PERIODT!!! 😊😊
Kathryn Phillips
Kathryn Phillips پیش ماه
Miss kay your so beautiful and such a sweet human with a huge heart! Love you!
No One
No One پیش ماه
I fell in love with all the cast 🥺 I’m hoping for many more season to come
Ahgase Forever
Ahgase Forever پیش ماه
This is the content that is good for the heart of the world
Yue 29
Yue 29 پیش ماه
Larry : i looked like my mom Ms.K : 👄
잉피골차 پیش ماه
friendship like this?? we can only wish
EM پیش ماه
I love these two!
Jaypee Sumalinab
Jaypee Sumalinab پیش ماه
Jess Queen
Jess Queen پیش ماه
I totally relate to miss K 😭 Bretman be too lucky to always have her around, she’s such the purest soul ever 😭🥺❣️
Queen Angie
Queen Angie پیش ماه
Aww bless Miss K. It’s ok to be fluid with gender and I hope that Miss K sees this and knows that. Miss K is a someone who is completely comfortable with being feminine but identifies as a dude (from what I’m seeing), and Miss K doesn’t want to be labelled.
Leila Aviso
Leila Aviso پیش ماه
Waiting for season 2 😍😍😍
B Verne
B Verne پیش ماه
We need a show for Keefer 😭🥰
Rita Santos
Rita Santos پیش ماه
Jennica Ramirez
Jennica Ramirez پیش ماه
Miss K.. you’re such a beautiful soul! I just want you to know you’re so inspiring and I’m glad you’re coming out of your shell and starting to let the world see you for who you are! ❤️
Luz Cartagena
Luz Cartagena پیش ماه
It still pissed me off that someone would be with Miss K, but not want anyone to know. That's SOOOOO belittling and demoralizing! Miss K is always so cool and down for whatever. She def has never deserved to be "the dirty little secret." It's so sad.
nefetei پیش ماه
Key word: “first” (“in our first season”) Bro I hope this is not the only season‼️😂
S Lopez
S Lopez پیش ماه
S/O to my mom dad for bringing me here almost losing their own life ! Can’t never thank them enough. My life would have been so different and difficult for sure.
Kristoff Oberg
Kristoff Oberg پیش ماه
Everyone needs a Filipino friend lmao
The Real Life In United states
The Real Life In United states پیش ماه
Hahaha we have the same mom girl ,Your super funny bretman I’m proud ilocana too a
The Real Life In United states
The Real Life In United states پیش ماه
Hahaha we have the same mom girl ,Your super funny bretman I’m proud ilocana too a
Norafzalila Zainol -
Norafzalila Zainol - پیش ماه
Those guys they just want you to suck and never want to be seen with you anywhere
Norafzalila Zainol -
Norafzalila Zainol - پیش ماه
@Neutrois King because it’s true..I bet they are ”straight guys”
Neutrois King
Neutrois King پیش ماه
Girl girl nape cakap cam tuh? 😱
GreenBoy/GKittyReen پیش ماه
clicking this video...hear "WHATS UP BITCH" ):
aj Torres
aj Torres پیش ماه
I can't stop rewinding Princess pushing Larry and then they just hug right away!! lol
I'm here for BLACKPINK
I'm here for BLACKPINK پیش ماه
"she worked hard for us now we're working hard for her" every Filipino child who saw her/his parents sacrifice so much in order to give their children a better life than what they had.
Adriana R.
Adriana R. پیش ماه
I relly love miss K I don't understand thewhole gender thing but idc I love her vibe and personality be whatever u wanna be but never be mean
Adriana R.
Adriana R. پیش ماه
Deff a leo thing lol we don't like to show emotions and give hugs but we truly care
Jovanni castle
Jovanni castle پیش ماه
Wait miss k is not a girl wtf
Chelsea V
Chelsea V پیش ماه
i’ve never watched any episodes but this behind the scene video has me interested! Love the relationship between the two going over the video
Mariel پیش ماه
bretman really had his shoes on the bed lmao
Jurah Barbette
Jurah Barbette پیش ماه
Same here everytime I saw a black butterfly or a moth visiting our house.. I believe it was a spirit of my dead relative
Rebecca D.
Rebecca D. پیش ماه
I understand Bret when it comes to affection towards people because I’m the same way. It’s not that I don’t care or don’t want to provide affection, but I avoid it because it makes me cringe and uncomfortable. I’d just rather move on from it right away
kashys Davidson
kashys Davidson پیش ماه
I lost my dad when I was 17 this hit...
katie lopez
katie lopez پیش ماه
annd guevarra2299
annd guevarra2299 پیش ماه
This show is so much better, less plastics
Catherine Camacho
Catherine Camacho پیش ماه
This was the best show
Gretchen Santos
Gretchen Santos پیش ماه
Season 2 please!
RAT پیش ماه
This show was like.... IMPORTANT. kind of groundbreaking. the topics covered were really special and i was crying so much. Miss Kay reflected something in a lot of us that we needed desperately to see/hear! I am so inspired and in love w kieffer. I wont ever forget the episodes about gender in this show. KIEFFER YOU INSPIRED SO MUCH OF US AND MADE US CRY SO HARD!!! WE LOVE YOU THANK YOU FOR HELPING US ALL JUST BY BEING YOURSELF AND BEING BRAVE ENOUGH TO TALK ABOUT IT ON THIS PLATFORM.
HyeSu Won
HyeSu Won پیش ماه
Ms. K is so special she really has a big heart. She always thinks about the people around her. Such an amazing person.
Monica Jean Rivera
Monica Jean Rivera پیش ماه
I wish all the best for the casts of this show. Much love!
Monica Jean Rivera
Monica Jean Rivera پیش ماه
I cannot wait for more new seasons and episodes!!!
Monica Jean Rivera
Monica Jean Rivera پیش ماه
I love this show so much because it brings so much REAL and RELEVANT content!
Jai-el Melecio
Jai-el Melecio پیش ماه
Watching rn and i m eating like ma tears the f.
April Rush
April Rush پیش ماه
My Gosh I really love and respect Miss K so much !!!
Daevie Jay
Daevie Jay پیش ماه
miss k deserves so much!💖
East cali mamah
East cali mamah پیش ماه
I really want these two to come to Samoa...💯💯. Ms. K you will never feel like you don't belong here. Facts💯💯♥️
Natalyy پیش ماه
Kaye Sagritalo
Kaye Sagritalo پیش ماه
More seasons to us guys! ❤❤❤
Laura Rimkeviciute
Laura Rimkeviciute پیش ماه
Miss Kay is really that bitch! Such good vibes & pure heart. She’s really out here being a star, pop off sis !!
M. M.
M. M. پیش ماه
Brennan needs to buy his mom a big beautiful house. Lol
Steff Enriquez
Steff Enriquez پیش ماه
@mtv you need to chill with the ads !!
Bama Babe Vlogs
Bama Babe Vlogs پیش ماه
I will tell my daughter all the sacrifices I’m making now for her! But I don’t want her to feel bad for me but hopefully she will be proud of me... because I’m so proud of my daughter 🙏🏼 Seeing her as a strong baby makes me feel so proud and happy 😊
IamX Dee
IamX Dee پیش ماه
Hardwork, dedication, respect and spiritual divinity... that’s how their mother is... it’s good how Breatman and Princess pampered her and respect her
Marianne Montesa
Marianne Montesa پیش ماه
When's season two?
Sylvia Silva
Sylvia Silva پیش ماه
I saw confidence in miss Kay since day ☝️ 🖤
Jerome Cleetus
Jerome Cleetus پیش ماه
Miss k is literally the best a lot of us feel like that not girly enough or not manly enough your a true queen for having that conversation so publicly thank you 😘 ❤️
Katelynn Jaramillo
Katelynn Jaramillo پیش ماه
Miss K 💛💛 we love you so much!!
zetci MN
zetci MN پیش ماه
Lol Larry is so ugly
zetci MN
zetci MN پیش ماه
Girl Larry makeup makes me hate her irritating
Brichanise Terrell
Brichanise Terrell پیش ماه
Great mom!💕💕 Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth,Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved ❤️
michael saquimux
michael saquimux پیش ماه
“Mom you really be crying” lmaooo only Bretman
Aldea AD
Aldea AD پیش ماه
Bri A
Bri A پیش ماه
Yaaaaaasss season 2 !!!!
Its Anna
Its Anna پیش ماه
Everyone needs friends like these, they roast each other but man oh man, the love that they have for each other is out of the world. Such a beautiful friendship.
Yaneli Duran
Yaneli Duran پیش ماه
i love how humble you guys are man
Bri A
Bri A پیش ماه
Shout out to al the immigrant hardworking parents 💞😍💖✨💞
Camille پیش ماه
11:45 😂😂🤣🤣
aj Torres
aj Torres پیش ماه
Omg I keep replacing that
Stephanie Mayes
Stephanie Mayes پیش ماه
I totally believe in Monarch butterflies signs of afterlife. I don’t take off my necklace with my butterfly for almost 10 years now
Rosario Salvador
Rosario Salvador پیش ماه
Rosario Salvador
Rosario Salvador پیش ماه
Chat B.
Chat B. پیش ماه
I'm a girl but they act and talk more feminine than me.
Carmental BipolarBearRecords
Carmental BipolarBearRecords پیش ماه I'm Sick, I'm Tired - CARMEN
Eunese Estrada
Eunese Estrada پیش ماه
I missed my late grandma when Bretman's mom speaks Ilocano :'(
Milky way
Milky way پیش ماه
3:58 i lost already
Dearaliicerenee پیش ماه
There better be more seasons!!! I love this show!
Melissa B
Melissa B پیش ماه
Bless Miss K ❤️❤️❤️
Em Em
Em Em پیش ماه
i wouldn’t get tired watching their was fun watching them at the same time relatable..that’s the real life of normal people..unlike Kardshians almost everything is fake..
amstevens23 پیش ماه
Miss K needs a REAL MAN that's confident in himself, will hold Miss K's hand and kiss in public. Kiefer deserves to be loved and spoiled! ❤️
Eimi legends
Eimi legends پیش ماه
Mom Love is priceless
Regine Mae Almero
Regine Mae Almero پیش ماه
Larry wearing barong 🇵🇭
Joy Mackenzie Guevarra
Joy Mackenzie Guevarra پیش ماه
Rach پیش ماه
So excited for season 2
mas danar
mas danar پیش ماه
Princess I almost hug you... Ewwww 😂😂😂
CJ Roferos
CJ Roferos پیش ماه
i hope when this gets a season 2 it will get more episodes
Single Tish
Single Tish پیش ماه
I don't want to cry ... My eyes are messy .ill watch this when ill be alone .
Supreme QUEEN
Supreme QUEEN پیش ماه
Can't wait for season 2!
Denne Labita
Denne Labita پیش ماه
MEET THE CAST - Following BretmanRock Mukbang